About GRSM

The Great Smoky Mountains are a beuaitful mountain range located in the Southeastern United States, nestled on the North Carolina and Tennessee border. The mountains got their name from the natural fog, or “smoke” that hovers between the peaks. The Smokies are just a small section of the much larger Appalachian Mountain chain.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park was established in 1934 is today is the most visited National Park in the United States. With over 9 million visitors annually, it more than doubles the traffic of any other park. But don’t let high volumes scare you away from planning a visit. The Great Smoky National Park covers 187,000 acres… enough for everyone to enjoy.

When you visit the Great Smoky Mountains you will immediately be captivated by the pure, natural beauty of the land. I always heard people refer to their hometowns as “God’s Country,” but you don’t truly understand the meaning of that phrase until you see the sun rise over a smoky mountain to the east.

The Great Smoky Mountains provides days of exploration and activities. Wether you’re making a solo trip, bringing the family, staying one day or planning a seven-day trip… you will never have a dull moment. Unless a little rest & relaxation is what you’re looking for.

The area offers everything for the outdoor enthusiast. You will find:
- miles of hiking trails
- private campgrounds
- bicycling
- sight seeing
- fishing
- horseback riding
- and more!

There are so many remote rivers, waterfalls, and trails that you will always have something to look forward to on your next visit. When spending time in the Great Smoky Mountains, do not rush a thing. Take your time to breathe in everything around you. Listen to the sounds and push your senses to the limit. Thanks for stopping by at Great Smoky Way.