Pigeon Forge Votes Down Liquor Referendum

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Pigeon Forge, TN – May 11, 2011 – Voters in the Great Smoky Mountains city of Pigeon Forge have again voted down liquor by the drink, leaving Gatlinburg and Sevierville the only nearby resort towns serving alcohol in a region known for its moonshine heritage.

The unofficial result Tuesday was 590-482. The issue also lost in 2009 in Pigeon Forge.

Pastor Ronnie Reagan, who had become one of the most outspoken public faces of the opposition, was at the polls throughout the day and stayed to celebrate the results.

“I just thank the Lord everyone spoke out like they did,” he told The Mountain Press.

The paper said church groups appealed to old-line values, campaigning about the dangers of strong drink.

“I’ve just felt a good fellowship with these people throughout the day,” Reagan said.

Businesswoman Pam Ogle said she and the business community were shocked.

“There was so much weighing on this,” she said. “We just thought there was no way the voters would turn their backs on the potential for new jobs and revenue.

“It was a defining moment for the city of Pigeon Forge.”

Businessman Ken Maples said the city is losing revenue to Gatlinburg and Sevierville.

“I am extremely disappointed our residents would continue to give tax dollars away like that,” he said. “The city has to find new sources of revenue and this was a perfect revenue source. When the people get their taxes raised, when they get hit in the pocketbook, then we’ll get liquor by the drink.”

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3 Responses to “Pigeon Forge Votes Down Liquor Referendum”
  1. Jim says:

    Very wrong of the voters to vote this down. I guess I will go to Gatlinburg and Sevierville when I go out to eat. I enjoy having a drink with my meal. I don’t appreciate some bible thumpers telling me if I can have a drink or not. I am in my 40′s and the last time I checked Alcohol is not illegal. So these 500+ sheeple that followed this pastors drible should be ashamed of themselves.

    Pigeon Forge you just lost my business.

  2. Katie - Pigeon Forge, Tn says:

    We’ll I live in Pigeon Forge and voted for this. I wonder if the people in the church appreciate all their money being spent on Ads bashing this bill. By them voting this down it is going to continue to hurt Pigeon Forge. We lose jobs and tax revenue because of a few rotten apples. So much tourism money lost because of these righteous idiots. I really wish more people came out and voted. Time to get Ronnie Reagan out of Pigeon Forge.

  3. Tom G, TN says:

    Just heard Pigeon Forge is broke and can’t make the budget, they say now that the only thing left is to raise the taxes, so people in pigeon forge will now have higher taxes, they are also probably going to increase lodging taxes. Way to go you religoustards. You 590 church sheep have now cost everyone in pigeon forge more money, and vacationers will have to pay more for their vacations. GOOD JOB MORONS!

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