What are the most popular Gatlinburg attractions?

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Want to know some of the popular Gatlinburg attractions to enjoy during your vacation in the Smoky Mountains?

There are a lot of Attractions in the Smoky Mountains!  I’ll just go over a few of the popular ones.  In the future I’ll discuss them in a more detailed review. Read more

Ski Ober Gatlinburg

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If you’ve flipped on the TV to the news channels in the last 3 days I know you’ve seen story after story about the massive snow storms plowing through the east coast of the United States. Cities are reporting double digit snowfall in just hours, in fact Washington D.C. has been shut down completely for the last two days. It’s just been insane.

But it’s not just the major cities on the east coast getting slammed… mountain destinations are being hit too. It sucks for people who live there but is awesome for vacationers looking to hit the slopes! Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials say Mt. LeConte got 14 inches new snow for a total depth of 27 inches. Ober Gatlinburg ski area is located pretty close to Mt. LeConte so you know they’re getting tons of snowfall too.

Ober Gatlinburg has eight skiing trails and three chairlifts. They also have a multi-tracked snow tubing slide that is great for kids and families.

Here are some pictures taken from Ober just a few days ago. If they don’t convince you to strap on those snowboard boots then I don’t know what will.

Great Smokey Mountain Skiing

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Winter is almost here – it may be freezing outside, but technically winter doesn’t start until December 21. We’ve haven’t had the best snow storms come through here at the end of 2009, but I’m still hopeful for a strong start to 2010.

Most ski resorts in the Great Smoky Mountain area are open for business with limited hours. This early in the season you’re likely to be skiing on man-made snow – but hey, if you’re from Florida then all that matters is the slopes are open.

My favorite resort to ski at in the Great Smoky Mountains is Ober Ski Resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you’re visiting the GSM during the winter months, then you really should plan a day or two on the slopes. Now for those of you who are used to skiing out west might find a mountain of this size to be disappointing. I’m not going to like – this is nothing like the Rockies.

But what you will find at Ober is 7 Trails accessible by 2 Quad lifts and 1 Double lift. Ober also has and ice skating rink and a scenic chairlift for those of you who don’t enjoy skiing.

Rates are modest at $30 for adults on non-holidays and they have on-site rentals. You really can’t beat this quiet mountain when traveling in the Great Smokies.